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Check Out This Radio Podcast Interview for The Cloud!

Monday, December 12th, 2022, from 1 to 2 PM Pacific Time, I'll be a guest on L.A.'s own Marsha Wietecha's Born to Talk Radio Show. We'll discuss my journey from original idea to publication for The Cloud, my prize-winning speculative fiction novel. Join us to learn more about why The Cloud is recommended reading for all readers who care about humanity's future--it's a cautionary tale dramatizing a future I hope we can avoid. Visit #science fiction #futurist #dystopian fiction #cautionary tale #suspenseful #thriller #sci-fi #dark humor #sexy #predictive fiction #mind control #virtual reality #authoritarian regime #Chinese political oppression

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If we do, will it be one that crushes the human spirit with political oppression, VR entertainment enslavement, 24/7 neural surveillance, and the erasure of all spirituality from databases and minds?

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