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AI’s Future: Dream or Nightmare?

In THE COMING WAVE, his seminal book about artificial intelligence, Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind, the world’s first AI company, predicts that by 2034, we’ll live in a totally automated world run by AI.

Will 2034 be utopia or dystopia? Will AI bring the world breathtaking new opportunities and more enlightened ways of being human—or will it plunge us into a technological hell?

In the past few decades, humanity has broken the bonds of slow, natural evolution and is leaping ahead, rewriting life at warp speed.

AI uses deep machine learning to generate new systems at lightning speed. As a maker of tools and platforms, AI will soon run everything from self-driving cars to automated highways, advanced weather and climate forecasting to robotically controlled hospitals.

AI will replicate speech and knowledge, vision and reasoning. This will drive foundational breakthroughs in synthetic biology that enable us to sequence, modify, and print DNA, to custom-design future human generations.

Could we produce a race of superhumans, living in a world where virtually anything is possible? Or will we destroy ourselves by letting AI make important decisions without moral, ethical, or spiritual restraints?

Can we ensure our AI-controlled future has guardrails to protect us from our own technology? What happens when AI becomes self-aware? Will it be hostile to the irrational humans who created it? Or could an evil authoritarian regime bend AI to its own will?

Robert Rivenbark’s spec-fiction novel THE CLOUD explores a possible future where a corrupt corporate oligarchy deploys AI, VR, and synthetic biology to subjugate the masses, obliterate the underclass, and grant eternal life to the top one percent.

“We must choose whether to use AI as a beneficial tool that can create good things—or allow the greedy, corrupt, and power mad to enslave us with it,” author Robert Rivenbark writes. “There’s reason for hope. The human spirit always rises up against oppression. That helps us evolve toward a more enlightened state of being.”

Will humanity become God? Will God destroy us for our hubris, our pride and arrogance in creating super-advanced AI? Or will we evolve into a compassionate, enlightened race of beings reaching for the Omega Point? Explore these questions in THE CLOUD.


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