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Can We Grow Our Spirits As Fast As Our Tech?

We’re plunging into a future of stupendous technological wonders. AI. VR. Bioengineering. Can we manage these breakthroughs wisely—or will they destroy us?

After Europe rediscovered classical Greek philosophy through medieval Arabic translations, it sparked the Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Industrial Revolution. Stupendous achievements. But at what cost?

As literacy, technology, and science expanded, so did the human ego. Eventually, many felt the ego had replaced God.

But humanity can’t live without worship. The result: disastrous social and political revolutions: fascism, communism, Nazism—regimes worshipping strongmen such as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

Those who don’t worship charismatics tyrants can worship science and technology instead. Science and technology answer the deep human yearning to know “How can we do it?” But they can’t answer, “Why should we do it? And what will it mean if we do?”

Robert Rivenbark’s speculative fiction novel THE CLOUD dramatizes the horrors we may face if we can’t reconnect with our spiritual roots. We’re becoming a race of technocratic supermen with the maturity of infants. Can we save ourselves in time? Visit to learn more.

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